The most efficient exercises for fat loss have already been found, tested and applied with different people, regions and genetic groups for over 2,000 years. Its adherents not only know how to make fat burn efficiently, they also enjoy long lives.

Unlike fitness and diet fads, this is a sane, gradual, and practical approach currently being proven by a billion people who enjoy the highest life expectancy on the planet.

Enlightenweight exercises are based on Chinese yoga and qi gong exercises for fat loss.

Our sustainable fat burning exercises and diet starts from the inside out. It works with all aspects of our being to energize and revitalize the body.

Exercises are geared toward first reducing stress. As your hormones become more balanced you will notice more emotional well being, mental sharpness and as you begin to vibrantly glow with energy you will feel years younger. This is practical enlightenment. This will help you respond with mental clarity to your daily challenges and help you to sleep peacefully at night. As you sleep well you can wake refreshed. Anyone without enough time actually doesn’t quality sleep. Instead of needing to flop out at the end of the day, you will still have enough energy to get more done in a relaxed and easy way.

This fat loss system pays you back energetically and all you have to do it reinvest a portion of that reclaimed energy back into yourself. It’s easy, gradual and follows your natural rhythms.

Enlightened exercise allows you to a feel energy building up in to the point that you can’t wait to get out and move.

Wouldn’t it feel great if your body was so happy, aligned and charged up that you to couldn’t wait to get up and go for the joy of moving? Is it possible to stop fighting against yourself and to go with nature? What if by doing this you naturally felt relaxed, energetic and happy?

What if you craved the foods which helped you the most and couldn’t wait to move in a way that brought you joy? Could you see yourself losing fat without force or effort? Can you picture yourself enjoying life more? This is the enlightenweight approach to exercise.

Find the right exercise for you.

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Andrew Miles, L.Ac
Xuelan Qiu, Ph.D