Fat Loss Diet

Food cravings are not logical. Our gut tells our brain what to eat, not the other way around. That is why the enlightenweight approach works directly with your gut-brain so that your body will begin to crave fat loss foods. This way you can be free to listen to yourself. Your body will become your ally rather than an opponent.

You will discover why calorie counting is meaningless and why “Nutrition information” isn’t that important when it comes to burning fat.

Chinese nutrition is about adding delicious diet foods, rather than making a list of foods to avoid for fat loss. There are principles of nature, but no diet plans. We know that when you are enjoying life and happy, you will spontaneously feel like moving.

Through the enlightenweight approach to diet you will learn how to listen to yourself and understand color, flavor and texture to know everything you need to about food. It is simple, intuitive and already hardwired into your DNA. The enlightenweight approach will help you to unlock the obvious so that you never have to think about diet again, yet will be able to use it to adapt your body temperature to any environment on Earth. This is the most powerful form of preventable health care. It’s not only easy, its the very foundation of medicine.

Find the right diet for you.

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Andrew Miles, L.Ac
Xuelan Qiu, Ph.D