There are thousands of weight loss products and services on the market. How can you know which one is the best to serve your needs? Here are some key ideas to consider.

1. Is it proven?
Has it been shown to work in a population of people? The Enlightenweight system is currently being applied by most of Asia. When they move to the US and copy mainstream approaches to diet and exercise they get as heavy as the rest of us.

2. Is it scientific?
Tradition and proof are great, but they are better when you can single out a scientific mechanism behind how it works.

3. If it promises quick results or extreme weight loss?
This is sure to backfire in the long run. Our body has several overlapping systems to make sure we don’t starve to death. Trying to trick the body will only make things worse in the long run. Losing fat too quickly can also lead to health problems.

4. Does it use “hormones for weight loss” while ignoring your delicate hormone balance?
This is a great way to get short term instant gain and long term suffering. The same hormones responsible for weight loss also govern sleep patterns, monthly cycles, menopausal symptoms, and the health of the entire body. The enlightenweight approach is to balance your entire system and put it in harmony with your environment. Taking a one size fits all approach with hormones for weight loss is dangerous and irresponsible.

5. Does it lead to sustainable, long term weight loss?
Every time you do a yo yo diet, it damages your system. A good weight loss system will work to make your body  more efficient which naturally results in long term weight loss.

6. Is the fat loss program customized for your individual needs?
There are many factors that contribute to weight loss, but only one started it for you. Once you find that first domino, everything becomes efficient. The Enlightenweight approach leads you to discover the best way for yourself so you can restore your entire system for fat loss and disease prevention.

7. Does it take stress into account?
Stress and sleep disorders are a major cause of fat gain. A system that addresses this first will pay you back several times over.

8. Does it work with your microbiota and digestive system?
A good system must help you cultivate the micro biome garden that is your gut. A sustainable system must help you cultivate a garden of microbiota for greater, health, longevity and happiness.

9. Does it work with nitric oxide regulation and methane.
Understanding this is key to energy balance.

10. Does it work with sodium potassium atp ase and fluid metabolism?
Understanding this will establish the difference between water weight and actual fat metabolism.

11. Does it make your life simpler or more complicated?
The enlightenweight approach moves you from complex to simple. Instead of considering numbers, it invites you to rediscover your instincts through flavor and colors. This leads to an intuitive and effortless approach to weight loss.

12.Does it make you feel relaxed, energetic and busting with energy?
The Enlightenweight way is to first reduce stress hormones and improve sleep, then to regulate the microbiome and third to reinvest your investable energy to pay you back over time. It brings you close to nature and to yourself.


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Andrew Miles, L.Ac
Xuelan Qiu, Ph.D