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Latest Episodes:

#14. Email Answers 1

Thanks for reaching out with your great questions! Here are our answers. We cover sugar cravings, airborne allergies, and tea quality. We also announce our monthly winner for March, 2017. Please keep the great questions coming.

#13. Integrated Eye Specialist – Dr. Andy Rosenfarb

Join the top integrated eye specialist Dr. Andy Rosenfarb. Discover the early warning signs of eye diseases, how so-called “hopeless” eye diseases such as Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Retinits Pigmetosa (RP), Glaucoma, and Diabetic Retinopathy are being slowed and reversed, and how to take care of your vision in the era of screens.

#12. Scientifically Supported Teas For Fat Loss

Discover some of the best teas for energy metabolism and fat loss, and how they can allow you bend the rules when it comes to oils, sugars and beer while still maintaining internal balance.

#11. Ten Ways To Spot Pseudoscience And Natural Medicine

Botanical medicines can be beneficial when used appropriately. When used in an integrated setting its associated with higher levels of longevity. Still, much of the information about alternative medicine on social media is misleading. Here are ten ways to tell the difference between legitimate natural medicine and snake oil salesmen.

#10. When Ginseng Can Kill You And Seven Other Times Not To Use It

Ginseng is a great supplement and medicine when used correctly. We will let you in on a secret. Ginseng can sometimes do more harm than good, and can even result in death when combined with a certain medication. This is a short, fun podcast that can help you understand the best practices for using ginseng.

Older Episodes:

#9. Biohacking Opioid Dependence-Guests: Dr. Thomas Whalen and Dr. Michael Prihdam

#8. How Breathing and Plant Flavors Influence Gasotransmitters

#7. How Gases and Bacteria Can Unlock Extraordinary Abilities

#6. astering Your Fear and Boosting Your Focus: In crazy times, mastering your adrenal response is everything

#5. Super foods of the gods: Discover the folktales and pharmacology of super foods

#4. isual Acuity: Discover a simple botanical combination that can brighten your eyes, repair the optic nerve, and strengthen the visual cortex in your brain

#3. Neurohacking Memory: Superpower your memory and increase cognitive function using time tested, evidence supported botanicals

#.2 Biohacking Athletics: Discover the secrets of warlords, kung fu masters and Olympians

#1. Herbal Foot Soaks: Explore the history, research and easy application of herbal foot soaks

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