Reasons people gain fat:

Weight loss is about energy balance and digestive efficiency.
In order to fully bring these into balance we must consider the following:

1.Stress, anxiety and Depression preventing fat loss.
2.Trouble losing weight after childbirth.
3.Post menopausal weight gain.
4.Weight gain associated with menstrual disorders.
5.Sleep disturbances which cause insulin resistance and fat storage.
6.Food retention that disturbs micriobota balance.
7.Water retention and fungal overgrowth.
8.Inflammation associated with weight gain.
9.Imbalances of stomach PH leading to weight gain.
10.Endocrine disorders.
11.Insufficient digestive enzymes.
12.Methane accumulation.
13.Improper distribution of nitric oxide leading to fat gain.
14.Alignment issues leading to pain, immobility or poor digestion.
15.Pinched nerves causing immobility
16.Tumor causing weight gain.
17.Poor circulation and prostaglandin imbalance leading to fat gain
18.Forced diet and exercise leading to rebound fat gain.

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Andrew Miles, L.Ac
Xuelan Qiu, Ph.D